New piping podcast from Gary West: Enjoy Your Piping!


The final Pipeline broadcast aired on BBC Radio Scotland last night, and the legacy of the show will carried forward in a new podcast from presenter Gary West, called Enjoy Your Piping!

The first episode of EYP was quietly released online last week, and now the final BBC show has aired, it is time to promote and enjoy the new podcast. Have a listen here –

Gary contacted saying: “Following my final episode of Pipeline for the BBC, I’m delighted to announce a brand new independent weekly podcast project which I’m launching, called Enjoy Your Piping! with Gary West. This will contain chat, news, interviews and reviews and plenty of music, including regular studio sessions. It will of course be free of charge, but there is also a chance to help to support it going forward by becoming a friend of the podcast, for a small monthly fee of a few pounds (or dollars!). There’s a chance too for companies or individuals to sponsor a session to make sure we can keep the live music flowing. So I hope you’ll come along and join me on this new journey from the start of April.”

Good luck with it all Gary!