Piping Live! Friday highlights 2023


The majority of the piping world had their eyes on the Grade 1 competition at Glasgow Green on Friday, August 18, and would have missed the public debut of the music of Magnus and Flora Stone from the US.

The audience in the Street Cafe were treated to new music from Magnus, 14, and Flora, 16, and perhaps witnessed the introduction of new talent to the pipe scene… or electronic/dance/folk/trad/groove/pipe scene.

The brother and sister performed separately, and both had their own self-created electronic backing tracks over which they played whistles and Highland pipes. We had already seen Magnus play on the Pipe Idol stage earlier in the week, where his traditional competition style piping shone through, but it was very endearing to see his confident, youthful exuberance and personality create an engaging stage persona.

It was a special moment to see Magnus and Flora play their first ever gig as part of Piping Live’s Emerging Talent theme.

•Magnus Stone
•Flora Stone
•Multi-instrumentalist Kenneth I MacKenzie presented the music from his album, Glendrian, in the Street Cafe
•Anna Smart in Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum
•These youngsters started to naturally pirouette to a piobaireach from Anna Smart
•Anna Smart in Kelvingrove
•Anna’s music captivated a large audience in Kelvingrove
•The Big Street Cafe Session
•The Big Street Cafe Session
•The Big Street Cafe Session
•The Big Street Cafe Session