The first day of the Argyllshire Gathering took place yesterday, August 23, in Oban. There were five piobaireachd competitions held across the day with the Senior competition for former Gold Medal winners, the Highland Society of London Gold Medal, the Silver Medal and the MacGregor Memorial competition.

For light music there was the Former Winners MSR for pipers who had previously won the A-Grade March or Strathspey and Reel events.

Congratulation to all the winners, who were: Angus D. MacColl in the Senior competition, Alasdair Henderson in the Gold Medal, Jamie Elder in the Silver medal, Alistair Bevan in the MacGregor Memorial and Alex Gandy in the Former Winners MSR. The full results are below.


Highland Society of London Gold Medal 

  1. Alasdair Henderson – The Menzies’ Salute
  2. Sarah Muir – Sobieski’s Salute
  3. Darach Urquhart – Sobieski’s Salute
  4. Calum Watson – Rout of the Lowland Captain
  5. Cameron Drummond – Rout of the Lowland Captain
    Judges: Bill Livingstone, John Wilson and Robert Barnes
•Alasdair Henderson playing at Piping Live! in 2016


  1. Angus D MacColl – Lament for the Earl of Antrim
  2. Callum Beaumont – Lament for MacLeod of Colbeck
  3. Stuart Easton – In Praise of Morag
  4. Connor Sinclair – Unjust Incarceration
  5. Jamie Forrester – Abercairney’s Salute
    Judges: Jack Taylor, Malcolm McRae and Robert Wallace
•Angus MacColl pictured last night with the trophies for the Senior Piobaireachd. This annual event is sponsored by The William Grant Foundation. Photo: Derek Maxwell

Silver Medal 

  1. Jamie Elder – Nameless: tune 42
  2. Calum Brown – Nameless: tune 42
  3. Ben Mulhearn – Nameless: One of the Cragich
  4. Angus MacPhee – Lament for Finlay
  5. Brodie Watson-Massey – Lament for Finlay
    Judges: Bob Worrall, Murray Henderson and Ronnie McShannon
•Jamie Elder in the centre of his Inveraray band members after winning the Worlds in 2019

MacGregor Memorial 

  1. Alistair Bevan
  2. Callum Bevan
  3. Gregor MacDonald
  4. Gillian Blaney
    Judges: Patricia Henderson, Bruce Hitchings, Derek Fraser and Michael Grey

Light Music

Former Winners MSR 

  1. Alex Gandy
  2. Jack Lee
  3. Sarah Muir
  4. Angus D. MacColl
  5. Craig Sutherland
    Judges: Ian Duncan, Jim McGillivray and Willie Morrison