Michael Grey appointed Pipe Major of 78th Fraser Highlanders


The 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band have announced Michael Grey as their new Pipe Major. Mike is a well known figure throughout every facet of the piping world, whether it be solo piping, pipe bands, piping albums and recordings, pipe tune compositions and tune books, piping adjudication, piping tuition, or even as the writer of the fabulous Grey’s Notes column for Piping Today magazine.

Mike is taking over from Pipe Major Doug MacRae who has led the 78th Frasers since Pipe Major Bill Livingstone retired in 2010. Doug MacRae recently had success with a first place in Grade 1 at the Glengarry Highland Games at Maxville this year and to an overall 13th place at the World Pipe Band Championships. Doug retired from the band on August 24, 2023.

•Pipe Major Doug MacRae leads the 78th Fraser Highlanders for their final Medley performance at the World Pipe Band Championships 2023. Photo: JohnSlavin @designfolk.com / Bagpipe.news

Mike was a founding member of the 78th Fraser Highlanders in 1982 and is part of the legend of that creative tour de force who were the first non-Scottish band to win the Grade 1 Worlds title in 1987, and produced the iconic and best-selling Live In Ireland album.

Mike told bagpipe.news: “I had planned to play more pipes this fall but sure didn’t plan on leading any band, let alone the 78th Fraser Highlanders. That said, I can’t wait to get started making music with the band!”

The new pipe major is joining the band with successful solo competitor and former Toronto Police Pipe Major, Ian K. MacDonald, and will be supported by the 78th Fraser’s current Pipe Sergeant Robbie Beaton and Drum Sergeant Drew Duthart.

Bagpipe.news would like to wish Mike Grey and the 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band all the best for the future.

•Ian K. MacDonald and Mike Grey perform with the Toronto Police Pipe Band quartet at Piping Live 2013. Photo: JohnSlavin @designfolk.com / Bagpipe.news
•Mike Grey. Photo: JohnSlavin @designfolk.com / Bagpipe.news

A link to the band’s statement on their website can be found here.