Study Abroad at The National Piping Centre on your travels to Scotland! 


A semester of study here in Scotland at one of this country’s leading universities may offer a once in a lifetime academic experience. If you want to study piping, this could also give you a summer of piping, the chance to play in a Scottish pipe band, travel around Scotland or compete round the Highland Games.

For students wishing to come to Scotland there are a range of options available through The National Piping Centre which can allow them to continue with their academic work and gain transferable credits to their home educational institutions and obtain qualifications at undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

•John Mulhearn introduces the Study Abroad course and talks about the rich heritage of the bagpipes in Scotland.

Currently, The National Piping Centre collaborates with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. The lessons for Glasgow University Students take place at The National Piping Centre’s West End venue on Otago Street. At Edinburgh University lessons are held on the main Edinburgh University Campus. 

At the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland students can take a full length 4 year BA (Scottish Music-Piping) and postgraduate Diploma, Masters and PhD qualifications.

Study Abroad semesters (approximately 12 weeks duration) are offered through the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow where credit rated piping modules can be combined with other subjects.

There are many Universities abroad which have a partnership arrangement with the Scottish Universities and the process of transferring credits and fees between institutions is well established making it relatively simple for students to enjoy a fabulous international experience.

For more information on the study possibilities at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland click on the following links:

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Undergraduate BMus  with Honours – Find out more

Postgraduate Master of Music (MMus) – Find out more

For more information on the study possibilities at our partner Universities click on the following links:

University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate Course: The Highland Bagpipe: History, Context and Performance – Find out more 

University of Glasgow

Bagpipes: History, Repertoire and Performance – Find out more


If you wish to discuss any of these study options, please contact Finlay MacDonald at