Sandy Cameron and Christopher McLeish will compete in the third heat of the Scots Guards Club Knockout competition on Sunday, January 28, with a 4pm start. 

The pipers are required to perform a set lasting 30 minutes. The set needs to contain one March, Strathspey and Reel and the ground of a piobaireachd. An audience vote decides the winner of each heat – although the final will include judges.

The fourth round will be Cameron May v Luke Kennedy on Febuary 25, 2024. The draw for the semi-finals will be held after after the completion of round four.

The Scots Guards Club in Edinburgh.

The heats take place at the Scots Guards Club in Clifton Terrace, Haymarket (opposite the railway station) in Edinburgh. Entry is £6 and half-time pies are available.

The Knockout has been held for over a decade now and has become a feature of the piping scene in Scotland’s capital city.

The Scots Guards Club was formerly a military club but membership has for many years now been open to all.