Calum Brown takes the Lonach


One of Scotland’s most iconic and historic highland games, the 178th Lonach Gathering, took place today in Bellabeg in Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, writes our correspondent. Bellabeg is roughly 40 miles west from Aberdeen. It was a humid and sunny day and a most enjoyable one for the large crowd.

The day began with the March of the Lonach Highlanders (pictured, right) who set off at 08:00 from their meeting place a distance away and arrived at the games arena early in the afternoon.

Local ‘loon’, Calum Brown – well, local to Aberdeenshire – who plays with Inveraray Pipe Band, won the Ceòl Mòr and the Strathspey & Reel.

All smiles. Calum Brown at the Lonach on Saturday.


Ceòl Mòr – 1. Calum Brown, pictured right (The Bicker); 2. Greig Canning; 3. Anna Kummerlöw; 4. George Taylor; 5. John MacDonald; 6. Duncan Watson
Judges: Ian Duncan, James Hamilton and Archie MacLean.

March – 1. Ross Shand; 2. Calum Brown; 3. Greig Canning; 4. Ross Miller; 5. Anna Kummerlöw; 6. Jeffrey Lawson.

Anna Kummerlöw from Germany.
Anna Kummerlöw from Germany.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Calum Brown; 2. Ross Miller; 3. Greig Canning; 4. George Taylor; 5. Anna Kummerlöw; 6. Jeffrey Lawson.

Best Tune Composed by Pipe Major William Grant – 1. Greig Canning (The Doune of Invernochty); 2. Calum Brown (Doune of Invernochty); 3. Ross Shand (Lonach Gathering); 4. Gordon Barclay (Monadh Gowan); 5. Jeffrey Lawson (Lonach Gathering); 6. Ross Miller (Doune of Invernochty).
Judges: Duncan Watson and Dr Jack Taylor.

Under 18
Ceòl Mòr
– 1. Campbell Wilson; 2. Calan Daniels; 3. Craig Mitchell; 4. Jake Robertson.
Judges: Ronald MacLean and Dr Jack Taylor.