CLASP prepares for new season


By Margaret Dunn

Thursday of Piping Live! is traditionally the day CLASP awards the league winners with their CLASP keepsake medals.

The World Solo Amateur Piping Competition @ Piping Live! marks the start of the new CLASP season and the Piping Live! festival is the perfect setting to present the previous years’ winners with their clasps in front of a usually packed Street Café However, this year we have had to post the clasps.

Congratulations to all three pipers for their success in the 2020/2021 league year:

Scott Long, Grade 1 overall winner.
  • Scott Long (Grade 1 overall league winner),
  • Eddie Boland (Grade 2 overall league winner)
  • Colin MacKenzie (Grade 3 overall league winner).

This Sunday (15th), we will announce the results of our most recent comntest, the World Solo Amateur Piping Competition, which was run as a video submission contest. A live discussion with the judging panel will commence immediately following the results. The results will also be published on Bagpipe.News as in the News section of the CLASP website.

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Eddie Boland, left, and Colin MacKenzie.