Winter Storm 2024 piping and drumming competitions free livestream


The Winter Storm weekend of competitions, masterclasses and piping concerts began yesterday January 11 and the fun continues all weekend to Sunday, January 14.

Organised by Midwest Highland Arts Fund and based in Kansas City at the Marriott Hotel, there are piping and drumming competitions for amateur level and for the North American Silver and Gold medals. The competitions began yesterday, January 11, and there are five full competitions now free to watch online via The Piper’s Dojo University facebook page here.

The competitions shown so far and available to watch now are: the Amateur Piobaireachd Championship Grade 1, Amateur Piobaireachd Championship Grade 2, Amateur Ceol Beag Championship Grade 1, Amateur Ceol Beag Championship Grade 2, and the North American Gold Medal Snare Qualifier.

The running order for the Friday, January 12 competitions is:

  • United States Silver Medal Piobaireachd 8:00am CST
  • North American Silver Medal Ceol Beag Championship 8:00am CST
  • United States Gold Medal Piobaireachd Championship 8:00am CST
  • North American Gold Medal Ceol Beag Championship 1:00am CST
  • North American Gold Medal Drumming Championship – Final Round 5:00pm CST
  • Gold Medal Bass Drumming Championship 1:00pm CST
  • Gold Medal Tenor Drumming Championship 9:30am CST

The competition start times above are Central Standard Time, so viewers in the UK and Europe will be six or seven hours ahead.

The live stream is free to watch but the organisers are looking to fundraise almost $16,000 to support the livestream costs. Donations can be made through this facebook page here.

•Glenn Brown accompanying Sebastian Arguelles in the Winter Storm 2024 Gold Medal Snare Qualifier. The image is from the livestream sponsored by The Piper’s Dojo University.